Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shavuot 2009/ 5769

Yay for Dairy Holidays!!

KikiBella has some really yummy treats for Shavuot! Bring them as hostess gifts or save them all for yourself :). Please let us know if you would like a custom order - we are happy to oblige!

K & B

Shavuot 2009/ 5769

Shavuot 2009/ 5769

Shavuot 2009/ 5769

Shavuot 2009/ 5769

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mother's Day

Bella and I were discussing ideas over freshly brewed pressed coffee and we realized something, Mother's Day is NEXT WEEK! Eek! Because our mother is in Minnesota and we are in New York we have to get our scheming together in advance to make sure that Mom feels appreciated, loved and adored on the correct day. So what do you get for the mom that has everything...? We've put together some of our faves for moms of all ages let us know what you're doing for mother's day!

Saipua is a wonderful flower/soap/candle shop located on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook Brooklyn. We love their small shop and all of the beautiful treasures you can find!Here are a few...

Mother's Day is for mother's of ALL ages from the young to the old and we feel strongly that when Mama feels good so does everyone! We found these pieces at Victoria's Secret which is a store house for fun, flirty gifts...

Let's not forget why we celebrate Mother's Day! Because Mother's have children! And children have names... and mother's like the names of their children! Et-voila! Get all of the initials together and put together a beautiful neckalace for Mom with the intials of all of her children! Perfect! Check out this Etsy seller for wonderful one of a kinds...

or you can even go with full names...

Here's another great Etsy seller with really beautiful pottery from the small to the large that are sure Mom pleasers...

Of course there's always the classic, Flowers! For those lucky enough to live in New York, Brooklyn's very own Mimulo has elegent arranagements for all budgets, definitely check them out.

You could always put together your own arrangement from your local farmer's market. You could also give thanks to Mom with the gift that keeps on giving, potted plants. We love fresh herbs in the kitchen from the farmer's market which are also available at most hardware stores and Home Depot's in your area! Here's a link to New York farmer's markets locations and hours, enjoy!

There's always the KikiBella option. Contact us if you'd like to send Mom something special and yummy :).

Kiki & Bella